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Monday, February 23, 2009

Explanation of Star Nations by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

The Star Nations Revision To Darwinian Explanation of Human Development


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.


A number of Star Visitor races evolved to intelligent life forms on their respective planets across the universe. Some of these civilizations are millions of years old.
Other intelligent races "out there" developed not solely from evolution, but from other races' "missionary" sowing of intelligent life on planets they discovered whose indigenous biota had evolved to the point where one or more animal species could provide a suitable anatomy and physique for engineering in high intelligence and spirituality.
Thus, these Star Nations vary, some naturally evolved, others with development accelerated through bioengineering by older, more advanced races. Either way, many of these Star Nations operate like Peace Corps workers, going about the galaxy, exploring, and trying to do good wherever they can.
The Star Nations decided to accelerate evolution on Earth. They selected a promising Primate order representative to take reproductive material samples from, crossed it with some of their own DNA, and reinserted it in the primate mother, so that the resulting offspring would be more intelligent.
After several iterations of effort, the Visitors around 275,000 years ago achieved a hybrid with a bit of their very high intelligence, a smattering of their highly-developed psychic abilities and spirituality, and sufficient dexterity and coordination to be capable of fashioning tools and intricate designs. In other words, they had achieved Homo Sapiens.
This phase of bioengineering is commented on in 6000+-year-old Sumerian cunieform quasi-historical literary story tablets. The Sumerian historical stories mention humanoid Star Visitors as the race involved in their proto-ancestors' bioengineering. Other Asia Minor records indicate a Reptoid Star Visitor group intervened at Derinkuyu and elsewhere.
After observing Homo Sapiens in operation over a number of generations, and its idiosyncratic blend of primate animal instinctuality with incipient intelligent spiritual sensitivity, the Star Visitors were dissatisfied with the intelligence level of their hybrid, and decided to proceed further with an additional genetic engineering upgrade. The result was what Earth anthropologists label Homo Sapiens Sapiens, modern humankind. This penultimate bit of bioengineering occurred approximately 130,000 years ago.
Subsequent intervention by the observer Star Visitors took the form of cultural and spiritual teaching and tutoring, at times causing Avatars to emerge in various strategic zones around the Earth. These Avatars have become known and revered as the Great Teachers, some of whose wisdom has become enshrined as one of the several World Religions.
The Avatars (major world religious Teachers) are understood to include: Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism), Lao-Tse (Taoism/proto-Confucianism), Moses (Judaism), Krishna (Hinduism), Quan Yin (compassionate Chinese Buddhist Enlightened One), Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha (Buddhism), White Buffalo Calf Woman/Lady of Guadalupe (Native American spirituality), Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha (Meso-American spirituality), Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus (reform-Judaism, Christianity), Mohammed (original un-“edited” teachings), Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (Sufi reform-mystical Islam), and Bahá'u'lláh (Bahai).
Native American shaman-experiencers have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People. The Star Visitors have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to Star Visitor involvement with them.
Because of the imprecisions of oral history, it is difficult in some cases to determine whether a given Avatar was: a human consistently guided by Star Visitor consciousness, a human with ensoulment by a soul which was Star Visitor in a previous life and retained advanced consciousness in this life, a human-Star Visitor hybrid, or a Star Visitor manifesting with human appearance.
(For more on the star beings incarnated-as-Human Avatars, see Footnote 1 (below).
These cultural and spiritual interventions were done in an effort to lead humankind away from the excessive animal instinctuality, such as territoriality, aggressiveness, and predation on the weak; and to point humankind towards its highest and best metaphysical and spiritual potential.
These observer Star Visitor efforts went on until approximately 150 years ago. At about that time, after witnessing the horrors of the wars of the Nineteen Century, the Star Visitors decided that humankind was far too capable of ignoring the teachings of the Avatars, and that the human "recipe" itself needed direct upgrading via further bioengineering. They also foresaw that humanity was getting closer to the time when it would venture out into space, and wanted humans to be fit fellow citizens of the cosmos.
The observant Star Visitors thereupon embarked on a program to re-refine Homo Sapiens into something more advanced. They began to select certain humans to splice in a greater percentage of Star Visitor genetic material, in order to amplify intelligence, sensitivity, psychic abilities, metaphysical affinity , and greater attunement to the intrinsic spirituality permeating reality.
The Visitors began in-vitro fertilization of the mothers of the first Star Kids, and also physiologically rewiring selected adults into Star Seeds. Many of the Visitors also volunteered to incarnate as an Earth human this time around. The result was what the Chief Counsel for the Smithsonian Institute in 1995 labeled Homo Alterios Spatialis , or Cosmic Human.
At first, there were only a scattered few of the advanced-model humans. Nicolai Tesla (1856-1943) was clearly one of the first new upgrades. Albert Einstein was another. Jane Addams (1860-1935), Nobel Prize-winning crusader for peace, democracy and women's rights, and Mahatma Gandhi, revered peaceful crusdaer for justice for the oppressed, were a third and fourth. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), compassionate missionary physician, ethicist, and peace advocate was yet another. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) and scores more followed their footsteps decades later.
More Star Kids were born in the 1930s and 1940s who would come of age as a new Space Age dawned. (The Space Age is dated from the first satellite launch [Sputnik, 1957], followed by creation of NASA, and President Kennedy’s 1961 Space Program to put a man on the Moon.)
Then, around the end of the 1980s, there began a quantum leap in the number of Star Kids being born. The Star Visitors knew that there was no more time to waste to move humanity out of its awkward "adolescence” phase as a species, before it blew itself up or terminally poisoned its environment. They began dramatically stepping up the number of encounters with humans, including reproductive reengineering, combined with a metaphysical program of massive reincarnation of star beings as humans, to increase the numbers of children subsequently born who were Star Kids.
The Baby Boom of the Cosmic Generation had begun. In poured millions of these advanced children in a veritable Star Kids Tidal Wave. This in-pouring escalates and continues to this day. My research [1] indicates that now the vast majority of small children are Star Kids. At this rate the human race will be overwhelmingly made up of people with partial Star Seed heritage by the year 2012, the date indigenous tradition identified as when Fifth World (cosmic society) will be well in place.
Star Nations Councillor Asheoma said that of the great Teachers (Avatars) who have come down and incarnated as Humans to help guide Humankind to a higher moral and metaphysical awareness, certain ones of these had actually completed the course of enlightenment (satori), and had arrived back at Source (God). They had come to see Ego as illusion and dropped it, completely realizing their fundamental union with Source.
And then some of these fully-enlightened persons became specific energy-manifestations, who moved back through the levels of evolving civilizations in the form of Teachers who are utterly Ego-less, with Source alone as present, the Human ego totally reabsorbed into Source.
So when people dealt with one of these totally-enlightened specific energy-manifestations, people were actually interacting with Source, albeit in Human form.
The following Source-taking-Human-form supreme Avatars were:

- White Buffalo Calf Woman
- Lady of Guadalupe
- Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
- Lao Tse
- Quan Yin
- Baha'u'llah

Other Avatars were Star Visitors incarnate-as-Human, of varying degrees of spiritual/metaphysical advancement, but who while on Earth had not yet reached full enlightenment. These included:

- Quetzalcoatl/Viracocha
- Krishna (who had not reached satori at the time of being in Human form, was close, and, yes, has achieved it at this time)
- Zarathustra (who is still on the path of service, has returned to Earth many times in service, his last service was as the one called Mother Teresa)
- Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha ( who was not fully reunited with Source while on Earth, but did return to Source at the end of the life where he was known as Buddha. He still serves Earth in the level of Spirit still as direct energy of Source through the name known of Earth
- Moses
- Abd al-Quadir al-Jilani (not yet in satori ; serves at this time as a spiritual advisor to a Species who are holding responsibility for what would be a series of over 50,000 Planet Beings , Moon stations, and created base stations.)

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